Passing the Torch

Sharon ShajiAs was previously announced on the IS Media – the time has come for the passing of the torch for this website! Meet the newest member of the SAIS Leadership Team – Sharon Shaji!

Sharon Shaji is a freshman at Macaulay Honors College at CCNY, with the intention of doing a double major in International Studies and Economics. As the new blog committee lead, she is chiefly responsible for maintaining and running the blog,, and managing writers.

As the blog creator, I am excited to see where the blog will go, and am happy to see it continue in the hands of an enthusiastic, kind, and qualified person. From now on, you will be seeing less of me and more of Sharon! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Passing the Torch

  1. Dear Sharon, I want to welcome you to this big and beautiful family called International Studies program and SAIS. We are very pleased and happy to have you now among us!!! WARNING: dont be concerned if you see us doing, talking and acting silly… There is nothing wrong with us, that is just the way we are!!!! lol!!!!
    Have a wonderful year darling! I cannot wait to meet you in person soon!
    Maria Jose.

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